Tournament of Nerds! Captain America vs. John McClane (Die Hard)

First round of Tournament of Nerds is up! Captain America (Sax Carr) vs. John McClane (James Ross).

Please watch and click on the drawing for whoever you think won. You’ll be taken to another hilarious video starring either Andy Rooney (Jason Sheridan) or Paul Bearer (Richie Root). Once you’re at that video, click “Like.” Is this a confusing process? YES, IT IS. Oh, well! The more views and Likes these videos get, the more likely it is we get to keep making them. So my promise to you is that I will never ask you to donate to a Kickstarter fund for these. The only thing I ask for is your time and chuckles. Thank you.

Tournament of Nerds teaser! Look out for me at 0:12. I’m dressed like Lincoln, but if he was also a lady … and maybe an hasidic Jew.